Don't Belong Anyway

What started as a silly, short photostory became quite an emotional one. Well, at least for me it is. ;_; I get easily emotional when it comes to the brothers, probably because I've been developing their story for years.

Anyways, some little facts of them in order to understand the photostory better:

1. The brothers are the princes of the (fictional) King of Spain, who currently has 4 wives.

2. Caelum and Kohen are 'full' brothers, whereas Madren is their older half brother. They share the same father, but have different mothers.

3. Madren's mother (the former 4th wife) left the household when he was very young. A few years later, his father married Caelum and Kohen's mother, who became the current 4th wife. She is very fond of Madren, and became his surrogate mother (which is why Madren fondly refers to her as 'Ma'. He calls his other stepmothers formally).

4. Around the age of 5-6, Caelum was involved in an accident that left him cursed. His skin around his neck, wrists and ankles tore apart; his right eye mutated and his hair colour changed to red. It is still unknown of what actually caused this. Although most of his physical wounds have healed, Caelum is still not over the incident and insists on covering his neck with bandages until now.

5. When Madren left Spain to study in New York, US, his father felt that it was a good idea to expose his 2 younger sons (Caelum & Kohen) by sending them along. They live in an apartment next to Madren's (Madren insisted they stay in different apartment rooms) with a bodyguard, but Madren often heads over next door to look after his brothers.

6. Despite Caelum's indifferent attitude towards everything, he finds pleasure in bullying his little brother sometimes.

Sorry for the crazy amount of text D:
Now that that's done, the photostory:

Kohen: *playing with his frog plushie*

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Spendthrift Ways

I've been spending way too much lately. ;_;
But temptations are everywhere! D8

I've joined a group order for Sunny's World, to buy some stuff for my future SD-sized girl. I bought a wig for Haylé too :D

And today, I asked whipbogard's help (more like whined like a brat ;A; I sorry, hubbylovelove, and thank you!!! T_T ♥ ) to help me get a Pastel Bow Alpaca!

Aren't they simply adorable?
I wanted the purple & green actually, but they were sold out T_T
So I went for the yellow one :D (Considering his longer ears, I guess he's the llama? XD)

I'm really excited! I always hold myself back from buying because I can't afford it. Especially when I'm saving up for Japan. >_< But I regretted not buying the pirate series one when I had the chance back then ;_; So when some series were restocked, I simply couldn't resist!

**I've taken these 2 photos off Google and edited them. If they are yours and you wish for them to be taken off, please feel free to contact me and I'll take them off. Or if you just want me to credit you, please contact me too :D

There's also a craft supplies bazaar this Saturday, and a doll event next week! My gosh, all these places that will make me spend money! ;_____; I must control myself or I'll be totally broke this month before it even started!

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Malacca Trip

I've been really busy lately. I had tons of assignments due approximately the same time, and I had to rush merchandise for a local convention, Animangaki 2012. It was downright tiring. Had to survive the week(s) until our Malacca trip last weekend. It was a nice breather from all the craziness at home!

I didn't take as many photos as I would like. But I really enjoyed myself!

Friday - Aug 31st
whipbogard was late so I dragged zuweit and yiesha to help me with my online quiz. Finished it (and got 80/100! Thanks guys ♥) and we headed to McD's for breakfast. After breakfast, we began our drive to Malacca ♥

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Ohhhh! And I forgot to mention, during the whole trip we were epically discussing about our own Avengers AU. A bunch of us are planning to get BJD versions of members of the Avengers. We have this whole AU (alternate universe) planned out, and we were musing on certain scenarios. It's soooo fun and I totally can't wait! ;w;

palettescope - Steve Rogers
whipbogard - Tony Stark (and Bruce Banner? ;D)
yiesha - Clint Barton and Nikolai Romanoff (male!Nat ♥)
zuweit - Thor (Jose) and Loki (Carlos I - LOLOL XD Inside joke)

Now to get ready for class because I'm already late! ;__;

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Ten Random Facts: Levant

Here is the one of Lent. :D
So, so, so much easier to write compared to Madren. (.__.)

1. Levant is a 27-year-old part street fighter, part freeloader (the latter, according to Madren XD).

2. Levant lost his family to a mysterious event as a child. He was taken in by a wanderer named Keiran Black, who later became his foster father. He taught Levant how to survive on the streets.

3. Levant's birth name is Levant Devlin Harlow. He took his current first name, 'Keiran' and his current last name 'Black' as a memorial of his foster father who--suffering the same fate as his family--mysteriously disappeared.

4. Levant has a natural talent in fighting and physical strength. He became a street fighter as an easy and quick way to make money.

5. In their past lives, Levant and Madren were twins, Levant being the older one. While they are not blood-related in their current lives, they share the same bond as brothers and are often nicknamed the 'Untwins' because of their uncanny similarities in looks.

6. Levant met Madren when he was passed out in front of Madren's parked car out of fatigue and injury. He has been living with Madren (sleeping on Madren's couch) ever since.

7. Levant is a hopeless romantic, and can be a bit of a pushover. It is very rare to see him panic or lose his temper.

8. He loves cats.

9. He met Ace for the first time when Madren dragged him as his 'date' to one of Sero's banquets. It was love at first sight for him.

10. When he meets people, Levant usually addresses himself as 'Keiran'. Everyone calls him that, but somehow Madren developed the habit in calling him 'Levant'.

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Ten Random Facts: Madren

I see this floating around, so I thought I'd shamelessly steal it from people and do it too!
I love character development things like this. *_* I wanna do it for all my dollies.

Of course, Madren is and will always be the first!
He is the oldest character of mine that is still active so he went through the most changes. And I'm sorry that his facts are so long. ;_; Blame 13 years worth of development!

1. Madren is a 22-year-old Spanish Japanese.

2. Madren is the 3rd prince of the King of Spain** and the only child of the former 4th wife (His parents are divorced). He is the heir to his father's business empire.
**To clear things up, while I did research on the King of Spain and the House of Bourbon, I'm not following 100% of how it is.
This is like my personal take on it XD; Think of this as a fictional, does-not-make-sense Spanish Kingdom.
I sincerely apologize if I offend any Spanish out there, but I truly love your country m(_ _)m

3. Madren has 4 stepmothers, 5 half brothers (2 of which are Caelum and Kohen) and 13 half sisters (1 of which is Cyn-Cyn's mother, Inocencia)

4. Madren 'knew' Sero since the day he was born. Considering that both their fathers are business partners, and that both Madren and Sero are heirs to their fathers' businesses, their fathers thought it would be a good idea to initiate a strong bond between the 2 boys at a young age. Thanks to that, the then teenage Sero spent many horrible summers babysitting with Madren.

5. Madren's true passion is not business, but writing. At age 18, he lied to his father that he wants to study business in New York, but is instead pursuing his dream of being a writer. He is now a renowned romance writer.

6. Madren was an ugly child, and a very late bloomer. XD; He was also timid and had very low confidence.

7. Madren is the Keeper of Memories in his past life. In other words, he deals with keeping memories of the world's system. In his current life, he sustained a small part of this gift. Due to this, Madren has issues with memories where he will have no memories of certain time periods of his life. He refers to those moments as the 'black gaps'.

8. Madren has a very hedonistic approach to life. He believes in the pleasures of the senses. This particular view of life was influenced by his best friend, Kinsley.

9. Madren enjoys being pampered and spoiled. He shamelessly demands it as well.

10. Although Madren is a versatile, when he goes looking for one night stands, he prefers being the top. He is currently only bottom for Sero. (:x)

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Calling It Off - Part 01

So, suddenly I was struck with this silly photostory idea.
Mind you, I've not done photostories in a long, long time (the previous mini one of Kinn and Sero doesn't count!) so it's nothing great, but I hope it'll at least make you smile.

And thanks to this, I've developed a 'guilty pleasure' type couple fetish. (._.) Lent x Kinn, SOBS! Errr... I don't know who's top or bottom, I just--WAIT! WHY AM I CONTEMPLATING?!?!

A note of warning, there's profanity in this photostory.
So sorry, my boys aren't very polite when it comes to conversing. ;_;

So yes! Here's part 01 of 02. (•_•)/ ♥

Madren: *singing a happy tune* ~♬

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Sleepover - August 2012


A few days ago, I had a little sleepover at my place because my parents went on a trip to Penang. For security (and company!) sake, I called the gang over for a sleepover :D

Some of us, of course, brought dollies. ^^
Here are some photos of them.

My Eiriol, yiesha's Pillie & zuweit's Elyse

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Boys and Boys

Sorry for the massive amount of entries! x_x;
I just wanted to post everything so I don't forget which are the ones I have posted and which are the ones I haven't.

Please bear with me ;_;

Some random shots of my little boys. ♥

Tsutomu: Mi-bu, if I'm a bunny and you're a panda, can we still be related?
Mitten: *without hesitation* Of course!! ♥

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